Hong Kong Police Force Investigation Report

Since June 2019, people in Hong Kong rallied in massive numbers in opposition to the proposed extradition bill. Protests were met with intense crackdown, accompanied by widespread reports of police abuse and misconducts.

Calls for an independent inquiry into the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) were repeatedly ignored or denied by the Carrie Lam government. In response to this, in July 2019, a group of citizens launched an effort to assemble publicly available information and conduct an independent investigation into the HKPF's actions.

The investigation report consists of 7 chapters, with chapters 3 to 6 making up the core of the report. Chapter 3 outlines the legal authority of the HKPF, explaining the expected behavior of the police when performing their duties. Chapter 4 describes the current complaint mechanism of the HKPF, and attempts to analyze its deficiencies and possible grey areas. Chapter 5 provides a compilation of evidence of suspected abuse of power of the HKPF since June 2019. Chapter 6 concludes the report with our recommendations.

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