Appendix 1 (Evidence)

(Please also refer to Chapter 5 of the report for a summary of the evidence laid out here)

Photo and video evidence of suspected contravention of regulations against the Hong Kong Police Force when discharging duties:

    • June 10 - July 28 (Google Doc)
    • August 2 - August 10 (Google Doc)
    • August 11 - October 2 (Google Doc)
    • October 2019 (PDF) and November 2019 (PDF)(Disclaimer: please note that this piece of additional evidence was collected by a group of volunteers supporting the movement, not by the core team members of the NOPAID editorial group. We are grateful to have consensus from the team that they allow us to put this piece of supplementary information on our website next to the original main report and appendices. Also kindly note only basic quality check was conducted before publish due to resource and manpower constraints.)